• Wildlife Rescue Cork (WRC) is a registered charity (RCN: 20205803). WRC was set up “to rescue, rehabilitate injured or orphaned wildlife in Cork and surrounding counties”, and with the sole purpose of releasing them back into the wild once successfully recovered. All our actions are geared towards these goals. We are 100% run by volunteer •

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• Gallery and latest rescues •

• This Buzzard was found grounded on a road after colliding with a lorry. After treatment for concussion, he was released after 4 day’s •

• This fox cub was found on the roadside after being hit by a car, after heroic work by our wonderful vets she recovered very well •

• 3 Hedgehog babies were found wandering around a garden calling for their mom. Sadly, she never came back so they were taken into care as they were too young to fend for themselves. They have all since been released •

• These 9 shelducks were walking down a main road in Douglas, with no mother around and traffic being a huge issue, they were taken into care. They were subsequently rehabilitated in Animal Magic and released a few months later •

• Barn owl found on a road side after suffering a fracture to its wing, luckily it was in a good place on the bone, and was able to recover •

• Baby hedgehog eating Royal Canin puppy mousse, a starter food we give all baby hedgehogs to get them onto solids when old enough •

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• This Leveret was found after a dog brought it home. As we had no idea where it was originally found it had to come into care. It received care with us for a few days and then continued its journey with Animal Magic •

• This cormorant was found after being washed up on a beach, after receiving fluids and fish for a few days it perked up and was released near to where it was found •

• This great crested grebe was found in a housing estate in Blackrock. It had a small injury to its elbows. After a week in care, it was released •

• A baby hedgehog just prior to feeding, some are slower to learn to eat from a dish than others. You will see it has pink markings on its head. We do this so we know which colour has already been fed as we record weights and how much each hedgehog took at each feed (which is every 3 hours) •

• A fledgling thrush was admitted after a well-meaning person picked it up, it did not need help. The majority of young birds who are fully feathered jump from the nest and learn to fly from the ground which can take a few days, the parents will feed them on the ground during this time. Leave them be. The only exceptions are if they are on a road, caught by a cat or have an obvious injury •

• This Red Squirrel was found with a nasty bloody nose and concussion after being found at the base of a tree. After a few weeks of care, she was released in a suitable area with a nest box and feeder set up to support her as long as she needed •

• A swift was discovered grounded in a garden in Cork City. After a good examination and a quick bite to eat it was released where it was found. They are unable to take off once grounded so they need to be helped into the air once you are sure there are no injuries •

• This peregrine falcon was found near UCC and had severe injuries to its stomach and tail. Unfortunately, the injures were so severe it was unable to be saved and was humanely put to sleep. While we do all we can for each animal, sometimes it’s just too late •

• One of 2 siblings admitted together after being found near their dead mother on a road. They were reared at WRC and released a few months later •

• This young bat came into care after being found on the ground. After 2 days of recovery here, it continued its rehab with Bat Rehabilitation Ireland and was successfully released by them a few weeks later•

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