WRC is a non profit organisation based in Cork run entirely by volunteers. Our aim is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release injured and orphaned wildlife in the Cork area and surrounding Counties as needed.

Have you found a sick or injured Badger?

The badger (Meles meles) is the largest terrestrial carnivore in Ireland, instantly recognizable by its white head with conspicuous dark stripes through the eyes. Badgers are powerfully built; their bodies are stocky, with a relatively small head, a short thick neck, short muscular legs, and a bushy tail.

Before attempting to capture a wild Badger casualty :
Observe, assess, discuss, then decide whether intervention is appropriate. All wild animals can potentially transmit disease and inflict serious injuries. Remember, your own safety is of paramount importance

A Badger needs to be rescued if it is :
A road traffic casualty. A badger that will allow you to approach it is sick. Damaged limb/s. Obvious extensive wounds. An injured cub. A badger cub if it’s on its own, and ONLY after lengthy observation from a distance.
Trapped or caught e.g. in a fence – do NOT cut free and release until fully assessed, If unresponsive/unconscious it needs veterinary attention immediately.

If you can approach the animal lay a blanket/coat over the casualty for warmth.
If the animal is on the road, protect it from traffic if possible. Consider personal safety on roads e.g. reflective jackets, warning signs.
Do not drag the animal off the road, If it is safe to do so, lift it to a safe place and put it on a coat/towel

You will need :
A blanket, gauntlet-type gloves, a soft-headed broom, a dog grasper.
A rigid wire mesh container e.g. cat crush cage, puppy crate, or dog carrier, and ideally at least 2 people.

Consider personal safety on roads: reflective jackets, warning signs, etc.
If the animal is lying as if unconscious, poke gently with a stick/brush to check for movement
If there is no movement, still handle with great care as handling could bring it back to consciousness
Use a brush to pin the head to the ground. Put a towel over its head
Scruff tightly with both hands and lift into an open waiting container or put a towel over its head. With thick
gloves roll the animal onto the blanket, lift, and tip into an open container.

If you are not sure what to do please contact your local wildlife rescue center or contact us on our WhatsApp button on this page, use the contact form on this website or email us at wildliferescuecork@hotmail.com